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Nutmeg UX design


Web Design, UX, UI

At Nutmeg I was tasked with leading the creation of a new investment style. This covered interviewing customers, testing ideas across channels, and creating a user journey on top of an already existing platform.

This was a huge project at Nutmeg, and a new product for the industry. Using sketch files and axure to run many user tests, I slowly designed out the new website sections, and improvements to user account pages, to allow this launch to run alongside current experiences.

The Goal

To become the market leader in investing into socially responsible companies.
 To not only make you money, but make sure you invest in the right companies for you.

The Problem

Current investors have no visibility of what they invest in. It is well known that the best portfolios don’t have your best interests at heart other than finances.
 Nutmeg wanted to be able to let customers choose to invest in companies that are more responsible, and show what their money is doing.

This involved many challenges, from how to market and talk about this investment style, updating the current account and dashboard area to visualise, and create a new on-boarding journey. All of this came with the constraint of not being able to talk down our other investment styles, or favour responsible investing over anything else.

Research findings - money tradeoffs

Research findings - community

Research findings

It was clear from many interviews I took that there was a sense of community around investing in the Earth. Many current and potential customers all wanted to have their investment money put to good use, with a small compromise on returns.

Information was key, and they wanted to understand where their money went, and build trust in the brand. There was almost a vanity complex, where many wanted to show off what they are doing.
 This made it clear there was a need to show facts and data in a snappy, sharable way.


The main challenge was to integrate the new investing style, without compromising the others. There were many compliance challenges that prevented a strong visual design. I looked at creating a pricing table style, to highlight how Socially Responsible Investing is a great option, without making the other investment styles seem less so.

Investment style wireframes

Design testing

Visual design

The visual design proved a challenge to get aligned. With several heads of departments all having an input, there was endless variations tested before all parties would agree.

The approach I took was to bring a family and future feel to the product. 
Initially I wanted to use illustrations, and due to strong user testing results, found that photography gave more emotion.
 As investing can be an emotional challenge, this proved to tempt customers into choosing socially responsible style over the others.

Dashboard update

Investment styles

Marketing collatoral - image testing

Marketing collatoral - digital banners

Marketing collatoral - advert ideas

Using a green wash to bring into the Nutmeg brand, this stood out strongly on tube advertising and against the clean website.


After a successful launch, the new style slowly gained traction. The next stage is to work on improving the data available to show to customers, which is only possible after several months of investments. The one thing learnt was that interviewees can provide skewed data. Almost all said they would invest in SRI, however when live, and it was clear financially it was not their best option, many decide that they are not willing to compromise their money for the greater good.

In future, it is important to consider customers want to come across well in research interviews, but may be more selfish in reality.

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