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Product Design

LiveMore Capital are a specialist mortgage provider. I led the re-design and innovation of the internal broker portal for B2B clients

The Goal

To become the market leader an dramatically reduce the time and cost it required to process a mortgage application.

The Problem

Mortgage brokers use dozens of custom platforms across the industry to process applications. Each new company offers a unique and challenging experience making it a difficult process for a broker.

Each application could required over 100 question, depending on answers, creating a dynamic data entry form. The overall UX is always poor, with unclear steps and cues, usually requiring developers to resort to emails and phone calls instead of using the platforms.

Instant quotes

Credit check requirements

Research findings

I interviewed a range of mortgage brokers from independents to larger firms, to understand what good looks like to them, and how to make their job easier.

UI was very important, with clear visual guides on where the application stood, what was required in advance for a client, and fast turnaround in responses if applications are likely to fail

Visual design

I re-imagined the portal to follow a left hand navigation which showed both tracking data and key information vital to the user.

This allowed the main panel to change to a users need, and the 'dip in and out" form filling. Brokers could go back to clients for further answers, but still progress the application in other areas, saving days & even weeks of time.

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