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Pep & Co are a brand new high street fashion chain, opening 50 stores in the summer of 2015. The new chain is backed by the same team behind 'George' by Asda. I was tasked with creating a careers portal for mass recruiting to these new stores, and currently I am now building the brochure site to promote the brand.

About the project

For the first phase of a 2-part project, I had to build a careers portal. Firstly, I looked at some of Pep & Co's competitors, and how they run their careers sites, and then looked at great examples outside of the fashion industry. The Guardian was a great example of a simple application process, which due to budget and site managing constraints, was an ideal template to adapt. A unique challenge with this project was the fact this company had no branding or content and required the careers portal to be up and running within 4 weeks.

Due to these extreme constraints, I followed a very agile process, where the design was constantly being updated with new content and branding, while building the functional site. This meant that the careers site had a restricted personality, and emphasis is made on the actual function of the site.

Phase 2 is currently in process and due for completition before the summer.

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