Net Magazine Design Challenge

I was set a brief for an article in Net Magazine to appear on both the print and ipad version. The brief was to createa fireworks based ecommerce site. I decided to include features such as advanced custom searching & video previews.

About the project

Fireworks are a showcase, it's a simple as that. Every parent would love to recreate the sensational public firework displays in their own garden, and provide the final big bang. The problem customers face with buying online is they don't know what they are going to get, or even what fireworks go with what.

Ecommerce sites need to be user friendly, intuitive and most importantly for the client, it needs to have a good conversion rate. The best way to do this was to give as much detail and customisation to the customer as possible. They should be able to see what the firework actually does with a preview video, and best of all combine fireworks to make a show. Building the site on a Magento Platform would allow the use of the powerful bundled products function. Customers could be informed which fireworks work well together and can add them to the basket with minimal fuss. The search function can also support multiple fields, meaning the customer can get exactly what they need, fast.

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